Numerology is a science of symbol , cycle and viberation. numerology provides a means of understanding cyclical pattern of or qualities related specifically to each of us in our personal lives . by understanding one s own particular rhythm , it becomes easier to flow with life and become the master of fate rather than a victim of of destiny ‘ s circumstances . our own vibreation or cyclical patterns are numerologically determined by date of birth and given name . by following these cycles we can express our potential , human and divine .

Virat Sharrmaa is A Jaipur Based Astro – Numerologist who is born and braught up in a traditional brahmin family of jaipur rajasthan . he is a commerce graduate from m.d.s.u Rajasthan. after completed his graduation he started practicing numerology as a hobby along with her finance job . After four year practicing of numerology and giving numerology advice to friends and family circle he saw the miracle changes in life of people ( including him ) whom he suggested numerolgical remedies . IN 2015 He quit job and started full time numerology readings for clients . only 27 year old virat is youngest numerologist in india .

He is an expert in name change . According to him, Numerology is an ancient occult science to get a vivid idea of one’s fortune. He says “Through our numeric calculations based on your name & date of birth, we can find perfect solutions to your obstacles/blockages in life”. he frequently travels to various cities of india like mumbai , delhi , jaipur , pune , hyderabad , bangalore etc for numerology readings of his clients . There are a lot of numerologists in india, but few can claim to devote as much time to clients as virat . virat answers all questions of a client pertaining to his or her life, and does not put time restraints, thus allowing a client to be calm at all times. So if one is searching for the best numerology reader in jaipur , delhi mumbai, pune etc virat should be your first preference.

Contact : Call 09116046111 or Mail

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